A Story About Two Breads In Kenya-Uganda Border

There is a story between me and two kids which I thought interesting to tell. The even was happened at Kenya-Uganda border  when my bus was waiting for the immigration process in Kenya Immigration Office. While waiting for the immigration process, I went out from the bus to buy snacks. Two kids immediately followed in hopes of getting some money from me.  I just ignored  their whining and vote back into the bus because I’m already very familiar with this kind of thing along my journey through Africa.

As I already expected, these two kids did not give up so easily. They were waiting outside the bus just below my window as they tipped his hand. For a moment, I just didn’t care. But, when my conscience start ‘talking”, I could not stand seeing those two little faces begging at me.  Finally, my heart moved to share my breads to them, not my money. I then gave code to both of them to share the breads that I will drop. Few seconds later, I dropped my last two slices of bread in a plastic bag to one child. He captured both the the plastic bag perfectly. What happened next really made me think. The kid who was immediately got both of the bread just go without sharing the bread to his friend.

The kid who didn’t get the bread still tip his hand but unfortunately I have no more breads to share. Offcourse, I became so angry to the attitude of the kid who took away the bread. But, before judging those selfish kid, a question crossed my mind. Is the child who took away the bread really not concerned to his friend or he just acted base on survival instinct as he may had not eaten for days? He might share the bread he had with his brothers and sisters or his parents who waited in another place. I can only guess….

Then, I asked myself how I would behave if I am in a condition of between life and death. Am I going to be tolerant to a friend next to me? Every person must have a reason to do something that we would not understand. And, we may ask “why?” Before judging someone who doing something we cannot understand, let just pause and retreat for a while to think about the word “why” was. We might be someone who is more pleasant than before……

Copyright: Jhon Erickson Ginting

Source: Personal Experience